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setembro 11, 2013

Campaign seeks to raise awareness concerning organ donation

Recently, the hospital Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo launched a “guerrilla” campaign to raise awareness on the issue of organ donation. The unprecedented initiative was organized in a number of supermarkets and bakeries. Those arriving to take a service number received a figure from anything between 7,000 and 27,951, in reference to the number of people waiting to receive an organ for a transplant, along with the phrase: “This would be your position if you were in line to receive an organ. Become an organ donor. Tell your family”.

In 2011, Brazil attained its highest index for donated organs from the deceased for the purpose of transplants: 9.9 donations per million inhabitants. Other countries, like Denmark, for example, have a rate of 11.5 donations per million inhabitants; the figure in both the United Kingdom and Holland is 12.9, with  14 in Canada. The highest number in the world goes to Spain, with 35.3 donors per million inhabitants.

Watch the Brazilian campaign video:



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