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outubro 31, 2013

Event participants call for a multilingual Porto Alegre

traduzca_porto_alegre_idiomasLast week Porto Alegre hosted the World Masters Athletics Championship, inundating the state with foreign visitors and more than 4,000 athletes from 82 different countries. English is typically used as the official language at large events, but that was not the case here. The website published an interesting piece on the language difficulties experienced by international athletes in the city.

According to the article, communication problems resulting from language differences were the main problem cited by the visitors. Indian athlete Ajmer Singh (pictured) was very direct when commenting on his stay in Porto Alegre: “They don’t speak English. If I have a headache, I have to point (gesture). Getting the bus was really difficult”, he said. The largest delegations were Argentina, with 550 members, followed by Chile with 314, the United States with 240 and Columbia, with 173.

According to the state’s Minister for Sport and Leisure, Kalil Sehbe, the eight months remaining until the World Cup will be used to better adapt the sites that will receive visitors. Priorities include bilingual signs on streets and in hospitals and adapting restaurant menus.

Among the services offered by Traduzca that can help bridge the gap between our foreign visitors are: Translation into 18 different languages, bilingual receptionists, text review, editing of manuals, catalogues, business cards and menus in a variety of languages.



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