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setembro 23, 2014

Four things that would have changed if Scotland had become independent

escócia-reino-unido-01Scotland decided to continue as a member of the United Kingdom and not become independent. In a referendum held last week, the “no” vote won with 55.3% of the votes, against the 44.7% of voters who voted “yes” to the country’s independence. If this had happened, a number of things would have changed in Scotland and the United Kingdom. We have listed four items for you to consider.

1) The flag of the United Kingdom would have had to change:
The Union Jack, which has existed since 1801, is made up of three overlapping flags, which represent the patron saints of three countries: England, with Saint George’s cross, Scotland with Saint Andrew’s “x” and as an allusion to Northern Ireland, Saint Patrick’s “x”. A country that could appear in the new composition is Wales, lending the green and white of its flag (as seen in the image above).

2) A new Scottish currency:
Becoming politically independent with total autonomy in terms of the United Kingdom’s decisions, while using the pound as its currency? Impossible. They would not be able to adopt the Euro (another strong currency) right away either.

3) Member of the UN Security Council:
Another reason that the Union’s strength makes a difference. Without Scotland, the British would run the risk of losing their position as permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Former English Prime Minister John Major pointed out that the separation would weaken British influence in the international scenario.

4) Fewer medals in the Olympic Games:
England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compete in the Olympics under the flag of the United Kingdom, which is different from other sports competitions, such as the World Cup or Eurocup, when each country is represented by their respective team. The BBC estimated that 20% of the medals won at the Olympic Games in London were earned by Scottish athletes.



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