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julho 25, 2014

July 25th: 190 years of german immigration

190 years ago they crossed 12,000 kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean. They received promises that they would leave their home country with free passage and new citizenship, land, tools to work with, food and animals, tax exemptions and freedom of religion. July 25thmarks the beginning of the German immigration to the Vale do Sinos region, where the municipality of São Leopoldo is currently located. At the time, it was called Real Feitoria do Linho-Cânhamo (Royal Linho-Cânhamo Trading Post).


However, when they arrived in Rio Grande do Sul, Emperor Dom Pedro I’s promises were not kept. The immigrants had to work hard from sunrise to sunset to make their dreams of better days come true. This effort included not only an adaptation to a new country, but a contribution to local culture as well. While the Germans did incorporate the Rio Grande do Sul local custom of drinking chimarrão (yerba mate), they also shared their cuisine, customs, architecture and willingness to thrive with the local community.

German is one of the 31 languages that Traduzca translates to and from, in both regular and sworn translations.



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