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dezembro 10, 2013

Porto Alegre will play host to six languages in the first phase of the World Cup

Last Friday, a draw carried out at Costa do Suaipe in Bahia state determined the groups for the first phase of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. As a result, Porto Alegre also found out which national teams it will host during this phase of the event. The state capital and Beira-Rio stadium will receive Argentina, Nigeria, Australia, France, the Netherlands, Algeria, South Korea and Honduras. In addition to their football skills, these eight squads will also bring six languages to the city: Spanish, French, Dutch, English, Korean and Arabic. Besides the teams, committees of support staff, press and sponsors are also expected.  In other words, June will see a very diverse group of visitors arrive in the city.


Until then, locals will have plenty of time to get informed and find out more about the cultures the city will host, particularly a little of the languages. After all, the chances of bumping into a foreigner during the games are high. Now that the teams have been defined, it’s time for you to organize your schedule:

  • France x Honduras – 15/06, 4pm
  • Australia x The Netherlands – 18/06, 1pm
  • South Korea – Algeria – 22/06, 1pm
  • Argentina x Nigeria – 25/06, 1pm

In the second phase there’s a chance that Germany or Portugal will face Russia or Belgium in a battle for a place among the final sixteen teams. The competing pair for this phase will be the first placed squad from Group G and second place in Group H. The teams cited above are the favorites in their respective groups.

Below is a list of the groups for the FIFA World Cup:

  • GROUP A: Brazil, Cameroon, Mexico, Croatia
  • GROUP B: Spain, the Netherlands, Chile and Australia
  • GROUP C: Columbia, Greece, Ivory Coast and Japan
  • GROUP D: Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Italy
  • GROUP E: Switzerland, Ecuador, France and Honduras
  • GROUP F: Argentina, Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria
  • GROUP G: Germany, Portugal, Ghana and the United States
  • GROUP H: Belgium, Algeria, Russia and South Korea




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