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dezembro 06, 2013

Professional from Traduzca undertakes first literary translation from German

It was while completing her bachelor’s degree in Language and Literature at UFRGS that translator Miriam Inês Wecker was presented with the opportunity to take on her first major solo job in translating German literary works. After being introduced by her professor Michael Korfmann to the novel Soul Kitchen, by Jasmin Ramadan, Miriam had no doubts when this fresh opportunity arose:

“I was very enthusiastic about taking on this job!”


While the Traduzca professional was responsible for the translation, Korfmann assumed the job of reviewing. Soul Kitchen is a novel that portrays the life of Zinos, a German of Greek descent. The story deals with the reality of life in contemporary Germany, immigration and the differing social classes.

Contrary to custom, with books generally leading to motion picture adaptations, this book was written based on a 2009 film. Jasmin Ramadan gracefully transformed the script into a fast-paced novel that is simply a pleasure to read.

Ms. Ramadan visited Porto Alegre for the 59th Book Fair. This year, Germany is the country being honored at the event. Similarly, Brazil was paid tribute at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Ms. Ramadan is also taking part in a project headed by the Goethe Institute called “Authors in Cities”, in which she related her impressions about the city.



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