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setembro 30, 2014

September 30th: International Translation Day

finalTDZ-OPTION01International Translation Day or simply Translator’s Day. Since 1991, September 30th has alluded to the patron saint of this profession: Saint Jerome. He passed away on this date in either 419 or 420, and was responsible for translating the Bible from Ancient Greek and Hebrew to Latin. He also wrote other important texts about the art of translation during the High Middle Ages.

Have you ever thought about how vital a translator’s mission is today? Thanks to translators, you are able go to the movies and understand an Iranian film and read authors like Goethe, Jules Verne, Shakespeare, Kafka and Dostoyevsky in virtually any language. Translators are the bridges between different cultures, helping them converse and understand each other precisely.

Traduzca has translators who are native speakers and provide services which include regular translation, sworn translation, interpreting services, consecutive translation and subtitles for films in 31 languages.



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