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agosto 28, 2014

The Best of Porto Alegre tourism guide with english translations by Traduzca

A highlight of the various translation projects and services provided by  Traduzca during the World Cup was the  Best of Porto Alegre tourism guide, which was translated into English . The Best of Porto Alegre presents the capital’s best local restaurants, hotels, stores, services and tourist attractions. It has over 200 pages of content in Portuguese and English, displayed in a beautiful hardcover publication with excellent print quality.

On page 200, you will see information about Traduzca, which has been in the translation industry for over 16 years, always focusing on bringing people together and facilitating business.  Traduzca works with 31 different languages and experienced professionals with degrees in various areas, in order to meet specialized demands for individuals and companies.  The services the company offers include regular translations, sworn translations, simultaneous interpreters for events and conferences, voice artists for various languages, bilingual receptionists for fairs and meetings, audio transcriptions, subtitles for videos and films, assistance for contacts abroad and text revisions.

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The Best of Porto Alegre guide is available online at the website



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