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novembro 26, 2013

Traduzca increases its scope of services with an additional seven languages


Traduzca has added a further seven languages to its portfolio, bring the total to 31 specific languages. The newest additions are Hindi, Lithuanian, Farsi, Ukrainian, Finnish, Bosnian and Croatian.

Traduzca provides solutions and services for standard translation, sworn translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, editing of manuals and catalogs, the creation and translation of menu for hotels and restaurants, audio and video transcription, and video and film subtitling, among others.

The seven new languages are now part of the other twenty-four already available: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian and European), Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Bulgarian, Czech, Korean, Romanian, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Hebrew, Danish, Greek, Hindi, Latin, Lithuanian, Persian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Bosnian and Croatian.



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