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novembro 12, 2013

Traduzca provides Spanish subtitling for the film “Dyonélio”

15794466The Rio Grande do Sul film “Dyonélio”, directed by Jaime Lerner, a producer of short films and documentaries, is ready for screening in the movie theaters of neighboring Spanish speaking nations. Traduzca provided the Spanish subtitles for the film, which tells the tale of author Dyonélio Machado and the characters he created, blending the world of fiction in “Os Ratos” (1935) and “O Louco do Cati” (1942) with present day narratives.

The film is split into three specific parts, with the author portrayed by actor Clemente Viscaíno. The cast also includes Carlos Cunha, Leonardo Machado and Deborah Finocchiaro.

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