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janeiro 31, 2014

With the upcoming World Cup, Brazil is set to experience a wave of different languages.

Just one of the many benefits of a mega-event like the World Cup is the arrival of foreign tourists. But in order for things to run like clockwork, you and your company need to be able to communicate with them.

image007-1The 32 qualified teams will bring 18 different languages with them. The predominant language among visitors will be Spanish, followed by English, French, German and Italian. Some countries, such as Switzerland and Belgium, have several official languages, all covered by Traduzca.

Traduzca has been active in the translation market for 15 years, catering to the largest companies in the country and providing translation services and solutions in 31 different languages. Contact us if you need sworn or written translations, translations of contracts, websites, menus, signage, interpreters for press conferences or escort interpreters.
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